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pastelwave Simplest Divider by limitless--wings
new years resolutions:
- stop being ugly
- draw better
- not be a bitch

- love yourself for who you are.

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INTP // Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx // ♒




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hello there,, do you like comics? then click on this journal please lol

basically, i want to make a comic, but I have 2 different comics and i have 0 idea which one i should choose, so id like to get your opinion.

The first one is a fancomic of a game called Undertale: (if you dont like undertale skip to the next comic)

big cover, i know.
Basically the premise is Frisk doing the Genocide run and then complaining about how they never wanted to do it in the first place and that they are being controlled and manipulated by the player, like a puppet.

second one is a bit more interesting imo and is an original comic with original characters:
For Ourselves (lazy concept art) by crxe

^ this is concept art of it ^

It's the year 2053, and schools along with other buildings have been upgraded to skyscrapers in order to be able to fit all of the things they need without wasting land space. Layton meets 2 buddies at the highschool he is located in, and like him, they have some sort of flaw that needs overcoming. As the 3 venture through highschool years, they help each other in need and weirdly enough, even save each other's lives.


Layton (Layla/Ashton)
Layton goes through a lot of troubles considering gender roles, such as liking the color pink or being into girly things that 'guys shouldn't be into.' Much of their family and (old) friends have forced views and opinions on them, causing them to constantly be worried about what he is into. To try and avoid problems with this, they try to dress as gender-fluid as possible, along with choosing another name that makes them more comfortable. Layton decided to go with they/them pronouns, so the friends who accept them as they are can refer to them as so, so teachers/other students cannot right away tell if they are male or female. In the end, this can easily backfire though.
Layton is of Korean/Scottish descent, and likes dark colors. Layton is a top student, and would like to stay that way. Unfortunately, their family isn't very financially stable and in order to get a degree, they must get a scholarship. He constantly worries about not being able to go to college, and easily becomes stressed because of it. They often wonder if their hardwork is really worth it. Layton looks out for the health of Alex constantly, considering he is in a depressed state. Unlike Layton, Alex doesn't give a shit about school because 'he knows' that he'll be dead soon enough before he can face the consequences. Layton believes that everyone, no matter how bad they are deserves to stay alive and that they can change what they have done wrong for the better. He gets pretty depressed when it's mentioned that anyone or anything had died, but fortunately not for too long.

Alex deals with constant depression and strangely met Layton as he was trying to commit suicide. It's kind of unknown what had caused it in him, but because of it he never ever truly seems happy. He's smiled a couple of times but usually because of some stupid joke. He seems to know pretty easily whether someone has good or bad intentions without even speaking to them, and if their intentions are good, he always overshares and doesn't give a damn about his own privacy unless the information can be used against someone else. Layton and Morgan constantly question how he's able to know so much information, but that's one thing he doesn't share.
He is okay with Morgan, but Morgan seems to have a strange love/hate relationship towards him, always bickering about how he's an asshole and he doesn't have to be so negative all the time, but on the other side truly cares about his health and wellbeing, and is usually the one to comfort him when he's doing really badly. He's more into unsaturated colors of any luminosity. 

Morgan has bipolar disorder, and quickly switches from mania to depression in a matter of minutes. She also is extremely sensitive too, and although she is happy most of the time, her mood is easily tarnished by little things. She's relatively artistic, and tends to make doodles based on her feelings. (She had once doodled herself pushing Alex off a cliff evilly, and then had made another one which contained herself apologizing to him genuinely.) She's uncertain of the path she wants to take in life, but wants to live peacefully. She seems to hate living in an urban city, and constantly tells how she dreams of being somewhere free of the land of skyscrapers, settling somewhere at the countryside in which she's only seen in online pictures. She doesn't think so, but she closely relates to Alex as they both deal with being mentally unstable. She doesn't seem to realize how much she depends on her other two friends, and seems too rely too much on their comfort and not her own security and self-acceptance.

let me know what you guys think!! those 3 paragraphs took forever haha yeahahahah
i vote personally for the second one, but the only thing stopping me from definitely doing that one is because it will take longer and might be a lot harder for me to draw. But I can take it lol
I'd love to hear your opinions.

Created by KathleenMitch


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